SURE STEP Group Workshops

The SURE STEP Program is a workshop for Grade 11 and 12 students, to assist in decision-making for University/College.

The overall aim of the SURE STEP program is to equip students with the tools they need to make an integrated decision about their college/university choices.

The outcomes for the program are:

1) Students understand graduation as a rite of passage into independence and adulthood and feel a sense of ownership for their future.

2) Students gain a clear concept of their unique gifts and passions and how to reflect this in their choices.

3) Students learn new tools to discover their inner voice and to enhance their ability to discern between their choices versus outside influences. They are well-equipped to make integrated decisions.

4) Students leave High School feeling confident and aligned with their choices following graduation.

Why is this important?

Whatever next steps a student chooses for college or university will require years of their steady focus and attention. In order to sustain their choice, a student’s path must engage their core motivation, passions and unique gifts. Without aligning their decision with these elements, students are setting themselves up for struggle, lack of motivation and in the worst case, a waste of their (and their parents’) time, money and energy.

Beyond that, each person has a unique interest, gift or perspective to offer the world. We call it “genius”. Your genius is innate and emerges when you quiet the outside voices and listen to the call of your inner self. Imagine that instead of studying physics, Einstein’s guidance counselor had urged him to be more practical and become an accountant. Or that, when Steve Jobs (founder of Apple computers) dropped out of university to build computers in his garage, his parents had ordered him back to the classroom. In both cases, there would be a tremendous loss of innate talent to society as a whole. The SURE STEP program encourages students and the adults in their lives to see that no one needs another to tell them what path to take, but instead to give them the guidance and permission to listen to their own innate wisdom.

Whether you are a parent, a graduating student or a school administrator, contact Karen today to find out more about the SURE STEP program in your area.