From Caroline, Grade 12 student.

“The session with Karen brought clarity to my choice of university program and helped me understand why I’m interested in engineering. The exercises definitely aided in the process of opening my mind up to discover the answers. It drew an unexpected link from engineering to my passion for cooking.”

From Elita, Caroline’s Mom:

“Karen and her genius model couldn’t have come at a better time. My daughter, Caroline, was just starting the process of applying to universities and, like many students, was anxious about making the right choices – what program to pursue and what universities to apply to. Karen’s session gave Caroline a sense of clarity and helped her understand why she was attracted to engineering. Her approach was unique and refreshingly different than what Caroline expected – a welcome change to parents’ lectures on “the right educational path towards a successful future.”

Caroline immediately felt comfortable with Karen (which is not surprising, given Karen’s sincerity and passion) and was noticeably cheerful after her session. She felt more confident that she was on the right path.”

Belmont Secondary School, Senior Planning students:

“It is educational and fun. I learned how to express myself.”
“It was fun (the roleplaying with my friends and finding out who I am). What I want to do was iffy before but it’s for sure now.”
“I learned that I want to be a photographer and not a chiropractor.”
“Interesting, eye opening. We all have something we are good at, no matter who we are.”
“I learned that what I want to be is right for me when I grow up.”
“I got that it’s ok to be yourself and not to follow others.”
“We learned how to figure out our passions by digging deeper. It opened my eyes and made me realize what I love, even if it’s not a talent.”
“Good activities. Good at helping people figure things out.”
“I think this is a great way to get people to show who they are and be happy with it.”
“I learned how it’s ok to be ourselves and how it’s easy to find your genius and that you can do whatever you set your mind to. You did an awesome job, thank you for coming.”
“It was very insightful of yourself. I found out I really believe in imagination.”
The best part: “having to trust your class enough to tell them your word and lean on the rope. Feeling connected.”
“I got how to open up more.”
“I thought it was very useful. I liked the rope! I learned that I am more creative than I thought.”

“It was interesting..I liked finding out what were my strengths/weaknesses. I found out some thing I didn’t know I liked so much.”
“I started looking at things in a different perspective.”
“I got to learn what means most to me and how to value it more as well as a few new things about myself.”
“Different, new way of thinking. I found my inner genius.”
“It was a good way to get us thinking different, outside the box.”
“Good job. The breathing is relaxing. I learned how to calm down.”
“Very different compared to my usual classes. I found out that I don’t really like being alone and that I have to be with or speaking with people everyday.”  “I got to learn what means most to me and how to value it more.”
“You do very different things that don’t’ make sense at first, but you end up understanding in the end.”
“We should do activities like these once a week. I got out of this the calming effect from the breathing exercises.”
“I thought it was good, because I found out a lot of things about myself. I got good results and stuff that means a lot to me.”
“I found out the things that I love the most.

Belmont School, Planning 10

“It was the best speech so far. It was fun. I got what I really love to do.”
“I got that I like to counsel people. Funny, entertaining.”
“It was interesting and creative. I’ve never done anything like this. I found out what some of my characteristics are.”
“It was great. I loved it. I got that you can go and make a living out of what you love.”
“Fun. Something new. I found my genius.”
“I know who I am more.”
“Inspiring. Helpful. I got confidence. We had a lot of fun discovering ourselves.”
“Inspiring. I’m inspired. I got to appreciate a lot of stuff.”
“Everyone has a special ability. I got that I am not the person who I am thinking. I am MORE.”

Ryan Dube, Teacher. Belmont Secondary School.

“Karen has a respectful approach which helps students shed their fears about presenting personal information and feelings in front of their peers. Her approach works extremely well in small group settings.”

“Clearly, there is a benefit to students as it begins to open their paradigm to the concepts of how their actions/behaviour/interests really start to define who they are. It is my hope that using this activity as a starting point, students become very introspective about themselves and start to ask questions bout whether or not, the persona they portray is in fact the way in which they wish to be viewed.”